We create harmonizing, heartfelt music, to uplift, inspire, and heal, and we hope you enjoy our new video and song, Coming To Light - Om Mani Padme Hum

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The Field is a co-creation between talented composer/pianist and singer Alison Jolicoeur, and multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer, Chris Toland.  Together they create a modern Kirtan for the New Age that bridges the East and West, technology and spirituality, traditional and contemporary styles of music.  The interweaving of textured vocals, electronic and acoustic sounds, soulful lyrics and chants, blend together to create a harmonizing, heartfelt, musical experience to uplift, inspire, and heal. 


Chris Toland, a longtime veteran in the music industry, has worked as a composer, arranger, producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, vocal coach, teacher, and founder of Chris Toland Music. Having survived the music industry working with artists such as Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan, Carly Simon, Joan Baez, Hall and Oates, as well as National Networks, he now brings his musical expertise to this special project as a form of service, and spiritual connection.  


Alison Jolicoeur is a pianist, singer-songwriter and healing practitioner. The founder of Beacon of Light Wellness, and Second Chance Foods,  Alison has a passion for helping to heal people and the planet.  She has trained in many healing modalities including Shamanic Reiki and Kundalini Yoga.  Alison offers Vibrational Resonance – a unique healing experience, which combines leading-edge technologies with age-old practices.  She considers music to be a powerful, universal healing force and it is her mission is to create music that touches and transforms the heart of humanity.


We Are The Ones // The Field - Music To Heal

Fireflies // The Field - Music To Heal


The Field // Dr. jLTg Holo Interview - September 30th, 2020

The Field // Facebook Live Concert For Healing - May 1st, 2020

The Field // Spirit Jam

The Field's Alison Jolicoeur and Chris Toland perform with guests at Spirit Jam presented by Beacon of Light Wellness.

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